Pro-Grip Diagnostics Wheel Alignment Servicing Repairs Scotland

    Supermini £60 inc VAT

Camber adjustment Add £12-£22

                             Inc VAT


     ** BMW Mini please call before booking **


                  Small family car & coupe


                 Front Alignment £60

        4 Wheel Alignment £72-84 inc Vat



                                 Family Cars


                      Front Alignment £60

                 4 Wheel Alignment £72 - 84 inc VAT






          £65-95 inc VAT

Please phone or e-mail for model specific price & time allocation

Where the car has the steering rack incorrectly connected to the steering column or the steering wheel has been removed and incorrectly positioned previously would involve an additional charge. Where the toe adjusters are not serviceable - i.e. corroded solid then new parts may need fitting - additional charge may apply .  Please note additional charges may also apply to models requiring further adjustments including modified or sports cars .Price does not include specialist camber correction bolts/shims.A small charge may apply to seized toe/camber adjustment points .


Minimum charges apply: 


Minimum price of £27 applied to all cars & Pre alignment suspension check & fault report

Suspension pre alignment check & fault report £45, Including wheel alignment diagnostic fault report (No Adjustments)

Induction heat £10 (used to heat seized adjustment points)

All prices include VAT


Modified cars up to 45mm lower Please call to make sure your car is suitable for the online time slot

Please note we do not carry out geometry settings on coil over suspension or adjust settings outside manufacturers settings

Coilover Suspension X

45mm or lower X


Mazda MX-5 £60-85

Porsche 911, Caymen, Boxter ec £60-85


Wheel Alignment Prices (excluding ADAS)


         Kit Cars  X